Solid Waste Management Services

AIP (Advay Infra Projects) manages solid waste effectively with an important preventive impact and contributes to public safety and the prevention of environmental damage and contamination. Solid waste can result in diseases, explosive gases, air pollution, landfill gas and liquid migration, water and marine pollution. AIP plays a key role in collection and management of solid waste services for the promotion of public health, the maintenance of safe public spaces and the implementation of environmental policies. 

AIP (Advay Infra Projects) plans in the short, medium and long-term, how to prevent the generation of solid waste and how to organize and improve systems for collection, recycling, treatment and final disposal of waste.  

With the effective planning, organizing and delivery of tailor-made financing and governance models which are transparent, suit the local custom and tradition and support the service that fits customers’ needs in solid waste management services.

Our role is to monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure to meet fundamental standards and safety.   

Responsibilities and Partnerships

  • Ensure equal access for all affordable services 
  • Work together to establish clear strategic goals through public participation 
  • Ensure waste generators know what is required of them – facilitate required changes in behavior. 
  •  Establish mutually beneficial partnerships to deliver effective and sustainable services. 
  • Include the community and informal sectors within an integrated system.
  • Benchmark performance of solid waste management services using available indicators and highlight areas for improvement.
  • Implementation of concrete measures for sanitation.

Door to Door Collection
Door to Door Collection

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